Data Analytics

We help U.S. CPA Firms leverage Data Analytics to transform how financial statement audits are conducted and thus help them make audits considerably more effective and  efficient. Our professionals have mastered the art and science of applying Data Analytics to discover and analyze patterns, identify anomalies, and extract other useful information pertinent to the subject matter of an audit enagagement.

Our Data Analytics Service Includes Methodologies For
Data Analytics
  • Identifying and analyzing anomalous patterns and outliers in data.
  • Mapping and visualizing financial performance, and data across products, systems, and operating units to focus on risks.
  • Developing statistical and predictive models, analyzing data and identifying major fluctuations from the model.
  • Combining information from disparate analysis and data sources to gain additional insights.

Further, we help CPA Firms improve their audit procedures by leveraging data analytics to identify: 

Benefits Of Partnering alliantTalent Advisory​

Choosing us to help you leverage the power of Data Analytics for internal auditing enables you to reap the following benefits:

  • Automated and accelerated audit process
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Improved audit quality
  • Enhanced audit insights
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