Less Than 1% of CPA Leaders Say Their Firms Can Hire All Necessary Staff Domestically, Leading to Increased Discussion About Employing Remote Talent Solutions

alliantTALENT, a professional services firm delivering international remote talent solutions to US CPA firms, today released its ‘2023 Temperature Check.’

Accounting Talent Shortage
What Does the Accounting Talent Shortage Mean for Your Business?

When it comes to accounting and finance, there’s no denying that there’s a talent shortage in America. The demand for professionals with accounting expertise has been increasing rapidly, yet there are not enough skilled professionals to fill these job openings.

Hiring New Accountants: The Challenge For The CPA Community And The IRS

Our nation is facing a significant shortfall in young people entering the workforce as accountants. Setting aside the joy of accountants wanting to become lion tamers

Accountants’ Salaries Are Rising, but It May Not Add Up to More Accountants

Firms hand recent graduates fatter offers and juicier opportunities with more responsibility, while also working to change perceptions, in a bid to boost ranks